‚ÄčSlab Repair

There are few things property owners dread more than discovering a foundation problem. This can be one of the most costly repairs a building may need. While how much foundation repair costs will depend on a number of factors such as the type of foundation,
and the extent of the damage, this nevertheless poses a financial setback for many. At North Richland Hills Foundation Repair we offer the best top affordable foundation repair services in the area. We perform residential and commercial foundation repairs for slab foundations and pier and beam foundations. On this page, you will find information about our slab repair services.

Residential Slab Repair

Although many homeowners take great care to protect their foundation and keep their home in tip top condition, over time damage to the slab foundation may be inevitable. A combination of aging and other factors often contribute to issues such as cracking and other damage. The severity of these foundation problems can range from compromising the integrity of your foundation to threatening a complete foundation failure. The experts at North Richland Hills Foundation Repair can remediate any slab foundation problem. We offer professional slab repair services for the maintenance and care of houses throughout North Richland Hills, Texas.

Commercial Slab Repair

Foundation problems can pose a distinct set of inconveniences and setbacks for business owners. In addition to the repair costs, there is also the disruption to business and potential loss of revenue. That’s why it is important to find a foundation contractor that understands business needs and knows how to handle commercial foundation repair jobs in a minimally intrusive and maximally professional manner. North Richland Hills Foundation Repair has assisted business owners all over North Richland Hills, Texas with slab repairs and more. We arrange for a suitable time to perform inspections and repairs, and work quickly and efficiently to effectively resolve your foundation problems.

Foundation Specialists

North Richland Hills Foundation Repair is the area’s leading foundation experts. Whether a building has a slab foundation or pier and beam foundation supporting it, we are able to come in, identify any existing or imminent issues, and provide professional repairs to remediate the problem to the satisfaction of our customers. Our team is experienced and highly qualified. They possess the skills, aptitude, and knowledge to assist customers with any foundation problems including block and base repairs, foundation floor cracks, cracked slab, settling problems, and more.

Foundation Repair Solutions for North Richland Hills

If you have a foundation problem, we can fix it. We assist with everything from preventative maintenance to foundation repairs, and even offer related services to protect your property from erosion and water damage. Please see our services page for a full list of our foundation repair services, or contact us at (817) 440-3970 for more information.