‚ÄčDrainage Services

Maintaining your foundation and avoiding foundation problems requires attention to several things beyond just the foundation itself. Whether you have a concrete slab foundation or a pier and beam foundation, it is important to consider drainage and erosion control around your property.
These factors, when left unchecked, and create excessive stress and pressure on your foundation, as well as expose your foundation to a number of other harms. Part of the preventative maintenance services we provide at North Richland Hills Foundation Repair include drainage services for the maintenance and correction of drainage on your residential or commercial property.

Guarding Against Rain and Water Runoff

While a little bit of rain or runoff seems harmless, they can actually cause an extensive amount of damage over time. It is a process that often takes place too slowly to be immediately noticeable but nonetheless have a large enough effect to be serious concerns for any property owners. That is why all structures are designed in a way the safeguards against water and runoff. Generally, the ground is sloped so that runoff flows away from the building. This may be achieved through landscaping features and other strategies. Additional measures are often taken to protect the foundation, such as foundation drainage, surface drains, and more. A combination of these measures ensures there is proper drainage and no pools around the base of your home.

Protection Against Erosion

Runoff causes erosion over time when the flow of water is not carefully controlled. Normally downspouts or surface drains will help to direct the runoff so that it does not cause unintended soil erosion that can not only damage landscaping but also put property owners at risk for property damage through various indirect ways. Having good drainage means that you will also have improved erosion control.

Drainage Maintenance and Correction

North Richland Hills Foundation Repair provides a number of drainage services for the preventative maintenance of your foundation, as well as to resolve problems such as wet basements and structural damage. Our foundation experts assess the property, inspect the foundation, and offer honest recommendations regarding the best options for improving or restoring drainage to optimal levels. We not only fix foundation problems, we can help you avoid them altogether. Be proactive in the care of your slab or pier and beam foundation and save yourself headaches and expensive repair bills in the future.

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