​Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are called as such because they bear the responsibility of retaining or holding back a mound of soil following excavation. They are often used when it is necessary to have several differentiated levels on a property. The same principles used for designing and building the foundation

for structures is used to build retaining walls. This is because retaining walls are subject to an immense amount of force and outward pressure from the soil it is retaining. This pressure far exceeds what is exerted on a normal freestanding wall. As such, specific techniques must be used to ensure the retaining wall is able to perform its role safely and securely. Foundation experts are best equipped to deal with retaining wall problems, including cracking, movement, or outward tilting. For retaining wall repairs, call North Richland Hills Foundation Repair.

Retaining Wall Repairs

Damaged retaining walls are best repaired by a foundation specialist. This is because there are a number of factors that must be taken into consideration when constructing or maintaining a retaining wall. These are the same considerations that go into building and repairing foundations. Drainage, structural stability, and an account of the forces exerted on the wall all make a significant difference in the final result and the long term durability. Repairing a retaining wall entails more than just patching over a crack or putting a few bricks or stones back into place. Proper anchoring, drainage, and design are necessary to keep retaining walls from potentially failing or collapsing.

Stabilize and Restore

Depending on the severity of the damage, a retaining wall may need to be stabilized immediately before any work can begin. Even in less severe cases, stabilization can be good idea. It prevents the problem from worsening while the retaining wall is still structurally compromised. It keeps everything in place until restoration or repair work can take place. Our foundation specialists can restore entire collapsed sections, or move the retaining wall back into its original position.

Repair Versus Replacement

When an entire retaining wall shifts out of place, it can seem like the only option is to replace the entire wall. This requires a huge amount of work, including excavation, and can be very expensive. In some cases, there is no other choice. However, often it is possible to repair the retaining wall by using a few standard tricks that have proven to be immensely effective over the years.

Professional North Richland Hills Foundation Contractors

There are many things that are suitable as a DIY project, but the foundation of your home is the last place where you want a mishap to occur. For such an important job, trust the foundation experts at North Richland Hills Foundation Repair. We are reputable, professional, and a well-established business within the community. We guarantee we can fix your foundation problem at an affordable price in a timely manner.